Check these FAQs about Mortgaging before hiring a Broker!

The complex nature of mortgaging is the reason that people often ask plenty of questions regarding the steps of mortgaging, broker’s services, application approval and many more. Well, most of the time, experts try answering the queries on various platforms however the frequently asked questions often irritate them. So, here, in this blog, the answers are discussed in a detailed way which will surely prove helpful for clearing your ambiguities.

What the Mortgage Broker actually does?

The brokers are basically financial advisors who hold expertise in offering the most feasible solution to the applicants. Well, if it is explained in simple words, a broker is a middle person who manages the mortgaging tasks and deals between lenders and applicants. However, the brokers are liable to get a certificate from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for working as a professional adviser. The brokers create strong links with independent lenders and possess sound knowledge of mortgaging through banks as well.

How do Mortgage Brokers set Standards of Working?

The brokers set some limits at which they can facilitate their clients. Some brokers actually maintain contacts with a large number of lenders and facilitate their clients accordingly. However, some brokers do not maintain a wide range of contacts so it all depends on the expertise of a broker. However, the mortgage brokers in Northampton are known for facilitating the applicants in the best way so here, the residents usually make sure to finalize the mortgaging deals with the assistance of brokers.

Do Online Brokers prove Reliable?

Online brokers are also certified persons however they use specific software to find the best deals for their clients which actually save time, unlike the traditional way. The online chat option allows quick responding to the queries whereas they often set a meeting between lenders and clients over Skype that also proves time-saving. So, whenever if it is all about time, online brokers are also good to hire. However, clients need to stay more prudent while choosing online mortgaging services.

What Fee Do Brokers charge?

It is not like all brokers charge the same fee as some have set their commission according to the scope of work whereas some charge a fixed amount like £200 or more. More on, there are brokers who charge 3 to 4 per cent of total mortgage amount so you cannot assume any fixed fee as it can be finalized after meeting the broker only.

What if Mortgaging is done without Brokers?

Mortgaging can surely be done without involving middle person however it actually becomes more complicated when you get to handle the work yourself. But still, if you want to do it alone, make sure to collect plenty of information in this regard.






Skylight Windows

Why are Skylight Windows preferred in Essex?

There is no doubt that sunlight is a vital part of our lives and that is why, here in Essex, the majority of households prefer designing their homes with skylight windows. It is not because of the sunlight only but the clear view of the sky also matters a lot that actually inspires designers to install roof windows. Now you may think that normal wall windows also provide sunlight then why to go for roof windows then. Well, the windows on the walls provide reflected sunlight whereas the roof windows provide plenty of direct sunlight. However, there are several reasons due to which people of Essex install skylight windows.

Saving of Electricity Cost!

The electricity bill increases our expenditures every month even if we try our best to save money. The main things that consume electricity are electric bulbs, lamps, and fans but when skylight windows in Essex are installed, the need for electric bulbs is usually felt during the night time only. During the day time, plenty of direct sunlight creates ease for households to do their daily chores without increasing the electricity bill. Well, research has revealed that roof windows save up to 30% of electricity cost and that is why people of Essex prefer installing these windows in their homes.

Healthy Environment of Home!

Everybody knows that plenty of vitamin D can be obtained from sunlight only and that is why having roof windows in the homework in a great way. It is not possible to go out or sit idle in the lawn or backyard for enjoying sunlight as most of us usually have to complete multiple home chores. So, the skylight windows let you get unlimited benefits of sunlight while you do your work. More on, the sunlight proves great for removing various odours from your indoor areas whereas various types of germs are also killed by natural light. So, installing skylight windows ultimately prove great in all cases.

Wonderful View!

You may be one of those who loves counting stars in the night and when you lay down in your bed, the amazing view from the roof window will let you enjoy the stars in the sky. Meanwhile, during the day time, you can enjoy the amazing view of the sky as when it rains, the view becomes more eye-catchy. So, it proves absolutely great installing skylight windows.

Fresh Air!

You can keep the window opened while doing work as the fresh air will obviously freshen up the soul and you would be able completing your work with a peaceful mind. In short, roof windows prove useful for healthy life and environment but only if you choose the right directions to install.

Driveway Cleaning

4 Household Things that actually work for Driveway Cleaning!

Are you getting frustrated due to the stubborn stains over the driveway? Well, what you actually do for the removal of such stains? The use of suitable and effective material is mandatory as otherwise, you may find a need to call professional driveway cleaners in Guildford. The cleaners are usually hired by those persons who live a busy life and cannot manage time for cleaning chores. However, if you are interested to clean the driveway by using household things then this blog is definitely a great thing to read.

Use Cola!

Who doesn’t love to drink coke? Our refrigerators are often filled up with such drinks but did you ever think that the same thing can be used for cleaning stains too? Yes, if the stains of petrol or oil are difficult to clean with soapy water then try to use cola which fights the stains in an outstanding way and ensures a complete removal. There is no need to mix anything like water to mix in the cola as all you need to do is taking a cola, removing its lid and pour five to 10 drops of it over the stain, you’ll be amazed to see the removal of stain within minutes.

Lemon and Baking Soda!

Lemon and baking soda are also excellent stain fighters. Having stains of grease, petrol, and oil over the surface of the driveway is obvious so you shouldn’t get worried about the stains. Take some baking soda and two to three five to six lemons from the kitchen. Apply both ingredients over the stains and leave for a few minutes. When you’ll check the place after five to ten minutes, there will be no stains. Don’t get amazed because lemon and baking soda actually work like this.


Everybody is aware that detergent is good to remove stains however people use it for washing dishes or clothes only. Well, it can be used for driveways too. Just use a little water and mix the detergent into it. The whole driveway can be cleaned in an outstanding way by without putting extra effort.


Vinegar is also one of the ingredients that are often used for driveway cleaning. The white vinegar should be applied directly onto the stain but if you add water into it, the colour of the driveway won’t be faded. So, try to use things that remove stains only not the colour. Some chemicals actually fade away the original colour or shine of the driveway which really ruins the appeal. So, if you feel like some ingredients have strong formulas then adding water is the best option for minimizing the harsh effects.

Window Cleaning

5 Effective Household Things for Window Cleaning!

Now the time is gone when people used to visit the market for every little purchase as now social media and youtube have made things easier. Now you can prepare unlimited things at home by learning easy tutorials from Google which definitely proves great for saving money. It is a wise approach to prepare window cleaning liquids by using household things because it saves time and money. If you are confused that whether DIY tips work or not then try to read this blog till the end for a clear understanding.

Use Vodka!

Do you know that vodka is an effective cleaner and in most of the high-quality chemicals, vodka is used as one of the main ingredients? You won’t have to visit the market as vodka is usually easily available at homes. Mix a half cup of vodka into lukewarm water and add a bit of corn starch too. Mix this mixture well and apply on the glass for removal of stains however leaving it for around twenty minutes will prove great for a pristine shine.

Lemon and Vinegar

Lemon and vinegar both are also easy to get materials. White vinegar is famous for fighting with germs however when it is mixed with lemon juice, you can even remove the stubborn stains by slightly rubbing the glass. Vinegar and lemons are inexpensive ingredients and that is why most of the households prefer to make a liquid with these ingredients.

Dishwashing Detergent!

Dishwashing detergent is also a useful thing for cleaning the grease, stains, and dust from windows and it doesn’t even require extra effort. Just mix the detergent with water and you are all set to use this mixture for cleaning the grime over the glass. However, do not use excessive of detergent because that becomes difficult to wash. The window cleaning in Thaxted can become easier if you choose to use household products rather using the chemicals. There are only a few chemicals that work gently otherwise most of the chemicals leave harsh effects on the glass.

Salt, Corn Starch, and Lukewarm Water!

Salt and cornstarch are efficient fighters and kills the germs and bacteria over the glass whereas these ingredients fight with stains too. Add two to three tablespoons of both things into lukewarm water and apply on the window for effective results. This is how you can ensure flawless window cleaning in Thaxted without even visiting the market.

Driveway Cleaners

New tech and tools in driveway cleaning.

Driveways is probably a section of your home that you might overuse despite desire and you will rubber , grease and acid stains on your garage & driveway that will give a hideous look to your place. There had been these traditional ways of doing thing stains were removed manually form the floor, with a hard brush, a labor intensive technique of course. Then machine came and played their role but with the passage to time, these machines quality is also questioned and there is high competition as more and more brand are invading the market. While your stay in the region you might have heard of many companies proclaiming to be the best Driveway Cleaners in Guildford. We acts are needed to prove these high sounding words.

May companies with non-professional attitude have set up their board and are advertising a lot to attract the customers. Without naming them, we would recommend that you take a friends advice before calling someone through a Facebook add. As door to door marketing is not possible for them so they mainly rely on the social media paid campaigns. The best way to track these companies is to go through the customer reviews and if possible, then try to meet some of their former clients.

Some of the Driveway Cleaners in Guildford have actually attained a reputation through the quality of their work, professionalism and advances techniques. From conventional vacuum cleaners they have moved to pressure washing which actually guaranties good results, while use of different liquids in the pressure washing has made possible the removal of those stains which were considered dauntless for conventional driveways cleaning methods.