Driveway Cleaning

4 Household Things that actually work for Driveway Cleaning!

Are you getting frustrated due to the stubborn stains over the driveway? Well, what you actually do for the removal of such stains? The use of suitable and effective material is mandatory as otherwise, you may find a need to call professional driveway cleaners in Guildford. The cleaners are usually hired by those persons who live a busy life and cannot manage time for cleaning chores. However, if you are interested to clean the driveway by using household things then this blog is definitely a great thing to read.

Use Cola!

Who doesn’t love to drink coke? Our refrigerators are often filled up with such drinks but did you ever think that the same thing can be used for cleaning stains too? Yes, if the stains of petrol or oil are difficult to clean with soapy water then try to use cola which fights the stains in an outstanding way and ensures a complete removal. There is no need to mix anything like water to mix in the cola as all you need to do is taking a cola, removing its lid and pour five to 10 drops of it over the stain, you’ll be amazed to see the removal of stain within minutes.

Lemon and Baking Soda!

Lemon and baking soda are also excellent stain fighters. Having stains of grease, petrol, and oil over the surface of the driveway is obvious so you shouldn’t get worried about the stains. Take some baking soda and two to three five to six lemons from the kitchen. Apply both ingredients over the stains and leave for a few minutes. When you’ll check the place after five to ten minutes, there will be no stains. Don’t get amazed because lemon and baking soda actually work like this.


Everybody is aware that detergent is good to remove stains however people use it for washing dishes or clothes only. Well, it can be used for driveways too. Just use a little water and mix the detergent into it. The whole driveway can be cleaned in an outstanding way by without putting extra effort.


Vinegar is also one of the ingredients that are often used for driveway cleaning. The white vinegar should be applied directly onto the stain but if you add water into it, the colour of the driveway won’t be faded. So, try to use things that remove stains only not the colour. Some chemicals actually fade away the original colour or shine of the driveway which really ruins the appeal. So, if you feel like some ingredients have strong formulas then adding water is the best option for minimizing the harsh effects.